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The main reason I drop series is probably because I went and searched for spoilers and didn't like what i saw!!!
The other reason could be that the story was really boring or confusing and couldn't catch my attention.
This are just my personal reasons for dropping each drama.


A witch in love

16  Episodes

I started this drama because of  Jae Hee  who acted as Mong Ryong in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, but I just couldn't  finish it. First of all because Moo Ryong (Jae Hee's character name so different from Mong Ryong isn't it?) had already a girlfriend and it was a really difficult love triangle, the lead lady was very dull, and you couldn't see any love attraction btwn the leads!!
It sounded like a really good drama, but it disappointed me so much.

My girl

16 Episodes

This is a very well-recommended drama, but for me it wasn't what I expected. I'm a spoiler lover, so after watching a couple of episodes I started wondering if the main couple was going to end together, so I went and searched for spoilers and I found out they do end together, but after many sufferings and not normal drama sufferings, this were unnecessary sufferings I don't understand why the grandpa accepted only as a granddaughter but wouldn't as his grandson's wife!!! That sounds really unreasonable, and I couldn't deal with it!!!!

Princess Lulu

20 Episodes

Old drama, I don't have anything in particular against old dramas is just that well I have found in my way bad old dramas!
I think the bad thing of this drama is that the characters are all rich people so we have a rich innocent girl, a player and a rich guy younger than the lead lady.
So it's really boring seeing the rich girl being SO innocent and the player being such a PLAYER!!!


Stained Glass

18 Episodes

At first this drama was Ok, but then again I started wondering if the main couple was going to end together, and what do you know, I went ahead and read a spoiler
The relationship btwn the main couple was very complicated and even though you could say they were destined to be together they couldn't because of such a stupid reason!!

Ji Su, Dong-ju and Gi-tae were childhood friends, the boys promised they would take care of Ji Su forever, but Dong Ju gets into an accident and dies (well that's what everyone thinks, but the truth is he loses his memory and is then rescued by a japanese woman who decides to raise him as her child)
Ji Su's dad leaves her and her mom and runs with another woman , eventually  Ji Su's mom dies and she is left byherself.

Years passed by and not knowing who they are Ji Su and Yuichi Yamamoto (Dong-ju's new name) meet again, they feel an attraction btwn them and eventually fall in love, but then they discover that Yuichi is Dong-ju.
But this isn't all the truth, Dong-ju's  adoptive mom is the woman who stole Ji Su's dad. Ji Su couldn't bear with this and decides she can't be with the "son" of the woman who destroyed her family!!!
WTF!!!! he isn't really his son, why does she has to make that decision it is really unbelievable to me!!!!

Prince Princess 2

16 Episodes

Even though I was at just 3 episodes to the end, I couldn't finish it. I tried my best to bear with those episodes and finish it, but the whole story was unbelievable!!! First of all they erase one character from the story, just like that without any justification nor explanation!!!! Did they thought we wouldn't remember him??? And they erase him right after he confesses his love to the lead lady!!
So after all that I had to search for spoilers, and I found out the main couple did not end together, so that was it!! I decided to drop it on that instant.

Himitsu no Hanazono

11 Episodes

Even Kaname Jun couldn't save this drama!!! For me the story is quite weird, having 4 guys working together under the false name of a mangaka artist!
One of them is a child, the other two are old and ugly!, and there is Kaname Jun the only good thing of this drama, but he isn't the love interest of the leading lady!!!
The leading lady is the actress who acted as Nino's teacher in Stand Up!, so she is also quite dull. I watch just 1 episode and I couldn't continue anymore.


11 Episodes

This is an old drama, but I decide to give it a try, it didn't work for me. Is a story of a boxer (Takizawa Hideaki) that gives up boxing but loves eating cakes, so he decides to work at a bakery shop, so he can learn how to make delicious desserts from the head chef (Fujiki Naohito), the story was boring, and uninteresting. Takki is too young so he isn't as cool as he is now.
Fujiki Naohito is ok and handsome as ever, but that's all there is, so it isn't worth it.

Lunch no Joou

12 Episodes

Another old drama, it's all about Omurice, so...
Not much to say about it just that you can see a young Yamapi, but he has such a small part so you can see about 10 minutes or less of him!



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