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Continuing dropped series...

Spring Waltz 

20 episodes

Maybe the reason I dropped this drama was because of the typical stereotype that I have engraved in my mind.
When you start the first episode with a young lady remembering her first love and how she is waiting so much to see him after so many years and how when they were children they were so close, and one could almost feel the love btwn them; the next thing your expecting is that we will have a love story btwn them, but NO, this drama has a really weird turn of events.

When this lady finally meets her childhood friend, he has turned so cold and does not remember her at all.
He is like "whatever!" and then they introduce another young lady who saw this man like twice when they were kids, but they now fall madly inlove!!!

For me this was something really painful to do to Song Yi Na, is like "WTF" you can not believe all this, for me  it was a really unbelievable plot so I had to dropped it. Maybe this isn't a good reason for doing it, but I couldn't bear to watch this kind of story

At the Dolphin bay

28 episodes

This is a ver long drama and also an old one. I started it hoping to find a really good drama, but it wasn't  so great it was full of drama and also weird stuff.


Hachi-one diver

11 episodes

I had great expectations for this drama, the main reason was because the main role was actor Mizobata Junpei (Kentaro in the drama), who acted on Akai Ito, but it let me down. I watched the first 4 episodes and that was it. It was kind of interesting the main idea of the drama, focusing on shouji, but then the episodes started to be repetitive and you couldn't see the story moving forward. The relationship btwn Kentaro and Soyo wasn't so difficult to stand, but it wasn't that great either. It had a good start but then it went down!!!

One pound Gospel

9 episodes

This drama really hurt me a lot, mainly because Kame was in it and I HAD to dropped it. At first I thought this was going to be comedy and nothing more, so I was Ok with it, even though I love romance dramas. But then it started to get weird so I had to go and search for spoilers and what I found was shocking!!!

Kame is a boxer who lives struggling with weight issues, he eats so much and then when the time of his fight comes he is over-weighted and has to starve almost to death. He meets a nun, Sister Angela, and falls in love with her but obviously it is a onesided love (that is what one would think but..).

This is where it gets weird, the nun starts to get a change of heart and keeps struggling btwn being a nun and her love towards Kame!!! At the end of the drama she decides to give up being a nun, so Kame and her can finally have a  love relationship!! This is why I couldn't finish this drama, I dropped it at episode 7, it was so hard because Kame is so cute and lovely to watch, but it wasn't enough. Gomene Kame!

Mean Girl Ah Chu

24 episodes

After watching A game about love I wanted to watch another drama with actor Sam Wang in it, so I found this one, but instead of seeing a Sam Wang brave and manly like in A game about love, I found a coward girly Ling Ping Zhi (Sam Wang's character name). In this drama the roles are reverted (inverted)  the girl is the strong, manly character and the boy is the weak, girly character!!!
At first I was like, well just give it a try and maybe it will be surprising, but NO, it was weird, slow paced, and boring so DROPPED IT.


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