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Majo Saiban is for me one of the biggest disappointments on suspense dramas. 

This story is about a murder trial, and how strange things begin to happen to the lay judges just to make force their vote. That's pretty much the highlight of the story.
Insert Song: Keshin by Fukuyama Masaharu
Subbing team: Tomalicious


Now to my personal opinion, first of all I know a drama is a fictional story, but it HAS to be believable. Majo Saiban isn't believable at all, it completely fails as a suspense genre. Several points that bother me were:
  • The idea of the lay judges interacting with the defendant's lawyer and family and with the very own defendant is completely ridiculous!!!!   
  • One can't understand why Toma's character takes the decision not to go to the police if he has nothing to lose. (The other lay judges were threatened by uncovering dangerous secrets to them that nobody knows about them, so you can understand why they didn't risk going to the police)
  • Why Toma's character was so stupid, it wasn't that he was nice or generous, for me it was stupidity. (Gomene Toma)
  • The fact that the evil organization moving the strings of everything betraying the witch, makes Toma think she may be innocent. Isn't that ridiculous, the very fact that she hired that organization from the beginning is proof she is capable of doing shady things!!!!
  • Tooru being all nice with his girlfriend even though she fake a kidnap and almost kill him. What she needed was mental help she was So crazy!!!

The story goes like this after being chosen as lay judges for the Witch Trial the six judges start being threatened to vote for not guilty. That's when we found out that the one moving the strings is the witch. The Witch Trial is about a hostess that married a rich old man and then was accused of killing him in order to receive his inheritance. At first almost all the judges but 2 ( Izumi, who will be an ally to Tooru, and a Law student) are convinced that the Witch is guilty, because of her background. But after, one bye one start changing to not guilty, Tooru (Toma) notices that it must be because they are being threatened just as he is. So he decides that no matter what he is not going to be controlled and continues to chose guilty, but just when he is about to give up the judges change their votes once again to guilty. This surprises Tooru who now founds out that the organization that was making the threats betrayed the Witch and is now trying to make her guilty. This (I don't know why) makes Toma think the witch may be innocent. And so the story continues with ZERO suspense for me (the only thing that surprised me was the fact that Kurokawa was Izumi's husband) all the "twists" were pretty predictable for me and the end was horrible. 
One more thing that was unnecessary for me was Tooru's girlfriend that was pretty much out of her mind during all the drama suspects him of having a romance with Izumi and almost kills him because of that.
To sum up this story pretty much fails on every aspect and I don't understand why after having such great suspense drama they make THIS!!!
The two things that were excellent:   the song by Fukuyama Masaharu "Senshin", and the villain Kurokawa (love him!!!) 
Anyway there are plenty of good suspense dramas to watch so just forget about this one and move on.  


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