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Konkatsu! is a story that is focused in marriage. Kuniyuki (Nakai Masahiro) quited from his job and in order to get a new one he has to lie about him getting married. This is the beginning of Kuni's marriage hunting, together with his friend Shigeru (Sato Ryuta) he attends to several "marriage parties", all of them organized by his childhood friend Makoto.  Along the way he discovers the importance of marriage and love.  His childhood friend Haruno (Ueto Aya) poses as his fake fianceé in order to buy him some time.

Kuni lives with his dad a Tonkatsu restaurant owner, his dad wants Kuni to take over the family business, but Kuni dislikes Tonkatsu the most. Things change when they found out his neigborhood is going to be sold and they will have to leave the place for good. Kuni discovers the importance of working hard and families business'.

That's pretty much the drama's outline! Now to personal thoughts...

Personal thoughts )
Subbing team: Rollin Fansubs
Ending theme: Wedding Bell by PUFFY  (Great song, love it so much)
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After I finished watching The Quiz Show 2 with Sho and Yoko, I decided to watch the first season. I didn't expect it to have many similarities in the characters as well as in the final episode.

The Quiz Show 1 is pretty much the same premise as season 2, a quiz show where the contestants are asked 7 questions and after answering those questions they get the chance to fulfill one of their dreams. The host of the show is MC Tazaki a really weird character, that confronts the contestants with personal questions in order to make them admit their sins. He does an amazing job as a host, but is a very mysterious person, this is due to the fact that he lost his memory.

The other important character is the producer of the Show, Yamanobe,  who controls Tazaki's every move, he holds the key to unlock Tazaki's memory, and is the one that chooses the contestants and the questions. In several episodes he mentions the relation btwn the contestant and one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

I found this show interesting, the thing is after watching season 2 I have to say this show lacked character development, the episodes were really short 23 - 26 min long I think, so there wasn't really much time for the contestants to develop their story. But overall it was a good show that entertains you.

Similarities btwn both shows )
  • Both MC had amnesia
  • In the first episode, we have singers as contestants and both killed someone and both didn't get to accomplish their dream.
  • In episode 2 we have female contestants that betray their own selves in order to achieve what they wanted, both won the Dream Chance.
  • In episode 4 we have fortunetellers as contestants that wanted to promote their new fortunetelling technique, but are just fake people that at the end had to admit it.
  • Now to the final episodes, both had the MCs as the contestants and recover their memory thanks to Yamanobe and Honma. They admit they committed a crime. In the final episode the roles are inverted and now the contestants are Yamanobe and Honma, both discover that they are the ones who committed the crime and discover a shocking truth.
There are more similarities both those are the most important in my opinion.

Lastly I liked Honma's DREAM CHANCE dance in season 2 but Yamanobe's is pretty interesting too. Here is the link to watch it www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6hmy94ZK9s&feature=related 
Tazaki's wasn't as good as Sho's it was really disappointing. 

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I've been waiting patiently for the subbed episodes, and finally I get to watch the entire drama!!! I'm so happy.

The Quiz show 2 , well the real reason I watched it was because Sho-chan and Yoko where there!!!!! And I don't regret it at all, it was the best collabo ever!!!

When I finished The Quiz Show 2 and after hearing them mention the previous drama I decided to give it a try, so I watched The Quiz Show 1 also, it was good, but I think season 2 is way better.  

First thing first. The quiz show 2 is a suspense drama whose main characters are very mysterious; the MC, and the director(Sho and Yoko). It's about a quiz show (what a surprise!) where the contestants participate for the right to have their most important dream fulfilled. But the questions they are been asked are no common questions, they are very personal questions that will uncover a deep secret they been hiding, here is the catch they have to decide btwn exposing their secret or fulfilling their dream. 

Sakurai Sho acts as MC Kamiyama the host of the show, he is a really charismatic MC, but the thing nobody knows, except Honma the director's show is that he lost all his memories and obeys everything Honma tells him to do.

Yokoyama Yu acts as Honma the show's director he is the one that chooses the contestants for the show and elaborates the questions. He hids a dark past together with Kamiyama.

There is also the producer of the Show, Saejima, she isn't aware of the intentions of Honma and disagrees with his methods, but also cares about getting good ratings, that´s why she lets Honma do things his way.

Mecha mecha spoilers )Mecha mecha spoilers )
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Atashinchi no Danshi is a drama that talks about family, is full of comedy and a little, tiny  bit of romance. Is the story of a homeless called Chisato, her father left her with a debt of 100 million yen that's why she is always running away from tha loan sharks as a homeless person. One day she meets a man who offers to pay her debt if she marries him for one month. She accepts the offer and spends one month with that man, named Shinzo until he dies. 

After Shinzo's death Chisato thinks she is free to go, but there's a catch!!! Shinzo left  a set of conditions to let Chisato free of the debt. His lawyer informs Chisato that she has to spend 3 months living in a castle with Shinzo's 6 sons (who he adopted in order to have a successor) and act as their mother. 

Chisato is reluctant at first, but then decides to fulfill the conditions, because she can't pay the money back. So this is pretty much the premise of the drama. 


Mayor spoilers )
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I just finished this drama, and found it really awesome. First of all because I got to see Tamaki Hiroshi (a.k.a. Chiaki-sempai from Nodame) , DAIGO and Matsuda Shota (a.k.a. Nishikado-san from HYD)

At first I didn't want to watch this drama, because I thought it will be some kind of weird drama where 4 couples will change their partners, but in some kind of twisted way, but this isn't tha case.

LOVE SHUFFLE is about finding the meaning of true love and the importance of each others existence in this world. It has many comic parts and I also liked so much the friendship btwn the 4 leading characters. I was pretty pleased with the ending and also excited about it. 

We have Usatan (Tamaki Hiroshi) who is engaged with Mei, but then one day Mei decides to cancel the engagement.
Then we have Aiai (Karina) who has a relationship with Yukichi (DAIGO) but wants to end it for good.
There's also O-chan (Matsuda Shota) who is a cameraman and has a relationship with and older woman who is married.
And finally we have a pshyquiatrist Kikurin who wants to stop his patient Kairi from committing suicide. 

The 4 leading actors found themselves trapped in an elevator and then talked about love issues, this is the beginning of their friendship and also the beginning of the Love Shuffle "game". They decide to switch partners each week and found out what their true compatibilities are. 

This leads to very interesting sets and comic situations.

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Yesterday I finished this dorama. I've been waiting until the entire episodes were subbed and finally a kind fansubbing group finished the last episode that was left unsubbed.

The first thing that made me watch this dorama was Yama-chan (Yamada Ryosuke) from Hey Say Jump! he is so cute!!! Well this hole drama is full with Hey! Say! Jump members.

Nakajima Yuto
Chinen Yuri
Arioka Daiki
and of course Yamada Ryosuke!!!

This drama is kind of different from all the school dramas out there.
Three new students enter Hakuba Junior High and try to change the teachers into good teachers. The school is about to close because of the incompetent teachers, but this three students want to change that. 

There is also this entusiastic new teacher Sugi-sensei and one student who still has faith in the teachers and in the school Kusaka-kun.  These two will also help in saving the school and changing it. 

I found this story easygoing and fun to watch. And you have the opportunity to see Hey! Say! Jump members in different outfits (cosplaying) looking really cool, specially Yama-chan. 


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Rookies is a sport drama, but I liked it because it has friendship in it and some ikemen also!!!!

This drama is about a group of boys in highschool, they became a group of delinquents after their baseball team was banned from playing, due to a violent incident that happen in one of their games. A new teacher then arrives at school Kawato Koichi (Sato Ryuuta) his a very optimistic teacher, he decides he wants to help the boys fullfill their dream of going to Koshien.

So first of all he has to gather them together and resume their club activities, this is where the drama begins.

Fansubbing team: SkewedS-TimeLesSub (awesome subs)

 Ending theme: Kiseki by GreeeeN

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Apr. 16th, 2009 11:30 am
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This drama is a great combination btwn sports and romance. It is based on a manga (and old one).

The story is about baseball and highschool romance. Kunimi Hiro is a great pitcher, but he gave up baseball when he was diagnosed with a "glassy elbow" if he were to continue pitching his elbow will be paralyzed. He enters Senkawa high school, and joins their football club. There he meets Koga Haruka a girl who loves baseball, she is the manager of the "Baseball lovers circle" (a non official club). 

Kunimi's best friend is Noda Atsushi, he is a catcher, who also gave up baseball because he was diagnosed with a problem in his hips, so he decides to enter Senkawa too.

But then we have this twist, Kunimi and Noda find out that the doctor who diagnosed them is a fake, so together with Haruka they form an official baseball club. 

We also have Tachibana Hideo an old friend of Kunimi and Noda, he is a batter, who played with them he enters Meiwa Daichi High school, with his girlfriend Hikari Amamiya, who is also Kunimi's childhood friend.

Here is where the "love square" begins, Kunimi has loved Hikari since before they met Tachibana, Haruka falls in love with Kunimi and Tachibana is not giving up Hikari. We don't really know Hikari's feelings towards Kunimi but we are about to find that out.

All this happens while both teams aim for the Koshien.


Fansubbing Team: STUDIO OTO

Theme: Over... by K
great ending theme I like it so so so so much!!!


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This is the story of Chen Xio Shi and He Qun. He Qun is a famous singer who is constantly followed by the reporters. Xio Shi is a cheerful girl that lives with her family in the restaurant "Smiling Pasta". One day fate brings them together, and Xio Shi has to act as He Qun fiancee, while He Qun is in love with his childhoodfriend Rita, who is in love with He Qun's younger brother Ah Zhe.

This drama is really funnny and full with interesting stuff. I like so much He Qun and Xio Shi's relationship, he is so cute when he calls her Turtle Girl and so funny when she calls him Jinx.
Xio Shi's family is so warm, her mother is a super mom, and his brother is such a good and typical brother.
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This was my second dorama, I first had contact with Nodame when I read the manga, I liked it so much, it was really interesting and it had a different kind of female protagonist. I'm still reading Nodame and so far it has been interesting reading it. I also watched both anime seasons it's kind of weird how the first season of the anime and the dorama end in the same place of the manga and the second season of the anime shows the same as the 2 specials of the dorama.

Nodame Cantabile it's about Noda Megumi, who studies in a Musical Academy, she plays the piano she's good at it but she isn't serious about it, then we have Chiaki-sempai an arrogant person he studies in the same Academy in the piano section, but he plays the violin as well. He wants to be an orchestra conductor one day while he was drunk he meets Nodame, she instantly falls in love with him, but she is kind of weird so Chiaki at first is repelled by her, but when he listens her playing the piano, he founds out she is no ordinary person. Chiaki and Nodame then start getting more involved in each other lives, Nodame tries to help him full fill his dream of being a conductor and Chiaki tries to help Nodame on improving her piano.

They meet several people along the way, friends and colleagues, what will happen to their love relationship??? that's what we found out in this interesting dorama.

I totally fell in love with Tamaki Hiroshi (Chiaki-sempai) he is soooooooo handsome that you want to meet him, and his character is so cool!!!! it's inevitable to fall in love with him. 

Continuing the story we get 2 specials more information below

spoiler )
Now I'm waiting for two movies planned to air next year so I get to see Tamaki again!!! and for the third season of the anime.
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Well, I have many things to say about this first of all when I saw the anime I really really like it, I loved Tsukasa and really don't care so much for Rui. Then I went and read the manga and I have to say I hated the manga ending I'm not much into those kind of finals where the main couple end up being apart. 

This was my first dorama, because I have to admit I was reluctant to watch live actions as I knew them, but then I run out of animes to watch and I decided I give it a go and why not my beloved HYD. So I went  and watch it.

I love it, loved Matsujun ( by the way this dorama also introduced me to Arashi and all the Jhonnys world) and a big surprise for me loved Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui so much that at the end I was cheering for him(kind of weird).

If you liked the manga, you'll be very happy to find out that the adaptation works really well, you get to watch all the main points. And Nishikado-san and Mimasaka-san excellent!!!!!!! subarashi!!!!

oh I forgot I promised I write a review of the dorama gomenasai.

This drama is about a poor girl named Makino Tsukushi who studies in a school for rich kids "Eitoku", there she meets a group of Ikemen named F4. Their Leader Doumyouji Tsukasa, the scatterbrain Hanazawa Rui, the playboy Nishikido Soujiro and finally the son of a gang boss Mimasaka Akira. Makino confronts Tsukasa who likes bullying students. This is the start of a war between Makino and Tsukasa, but also the start of their love story. Just to add more excitement we get a love triangle btwn Tsukasa - Makino and Rui  and also Tsukasa's mom intrigues btwn them. All this just in the first season!!!!

Some screen shots of the parts I liked


For the second season we get to see F4 in  E.U.A with Makino in the first 1hour and 30min first special episode. Tsukasa acts cold towards Makino, we don´t know why but since the episodes develop the truth is revealed.  There is a new character Shigeru, Tsukasa's fiance, so now we get a square traingle Tsukasa - Makino - Rui -Shigeru!!! but the best part of all is the final episode of the season a total new ending different from tha manga and anime so for those who have watched the anime and read the manga I think this will be a grateful surprise!!! I love it and have to say cried a little of excitement.

More screen shots

this is a drama I owe so much, it introduced me to the dorama world as well as the jhonnys world, so is a dorama I have a special place in my heart.

Ahh and don't forget we get a movie HYD final to wrap the story nicely. When I watched HYD both season where already subbed so I had no problems, but the I had to wait a year!!! for the movie it was really difficult for me the movie aired on movie theaters on June 28 but they subbed it until November!!!! I have to say I kind of link spoilers that's why I found someone who saw the movie on Japan and upload a summary of it and went and read it.

I can't write a review of the movie because I'll be spoiling the end of season 2, but just believe me when I say the best ending for this story!

SUBBING TEAM: SARS fansubs and JTV-drama subs


As I already said this drama introduced me to Arashi, they did a great job in both seasons and the movie and we had also great insert songs.

Season 1. theme song WISH bye ARASHI
                    insert song PLANETARIUM by Ai Otsuka
Season 2. theme song LOVE SO SWEET
                    insert song THE FLAVOR OF LIFE by Utada Hikaru
Movie. theme song ONE LOVE 
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This is a list of all the doramas I´ve watched some are better than others, they're ordered just in the order I saw them.

I recommend most of them.

Hana yori dango 1 & 2
Nodame Cantabile
Yamada tarou Monogatari
Itazunara na kiss
Honey and clover
Hana kimi
Absolute boyfriend
Nobuta wo produce
Yukan Club
Hotaru no Hikari
Proposal Daisakusen
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Crying out Love, in the Centre of the World
Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata
Ryusei no Kizuna
Stand up!
Happy Boys
Tantei Gakuen Q
My boss, my hero
Yasuko to Kenji
Tiger & dragon
Cat street
Dragon Zakura
Gokusen 1, 2 & 3
Great Teacher Onizuka
Liar Game
Akai ito
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Scrap Teacher
Love Shuffle
Atashinchi no Danshi
The Quiz Show 1 & 2
MR. Brain
Buzzer Beat
Ninkyo Helper
Orthros no Inu
Ghost friends
My Girl
Tokyo DOGS
Majo Saiban
Taiyou no Kisetsu
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Hidarime Tantei EYE
Haikei, chichiue-sama
Tokujo Kabachi!!
Yankee-kun to megance-chan
Ouran High School Host Club
Zenkai Girl
Bara no nai hanaya-san

Meteor garden 1 & 2
Devil beside you
Peach girl
Tokyo juliet
Romantic princess
My lucky star
Why why love
Smiling pasta
Love contract
Corner with love
It started with a kiss 1 & 2
Bull fighting
Fated to love you
A game about love
Ying Ye 3+1
Love or bread
Knock knock loving you
Heaven's Wedding gown
Easy Fortune Happy Life
Because of you
Invincible Shan Bao mei

Full house
Only you
Snow white
Delightful girl choon hyang
One percent of anything
Sweet 18
Wonderful life
Hello! Miss
Save the last dance for me
My Sister-in-Law is 19
Smile again
Boys before flowers
Let's go to the beach
That fool
Bad Couple
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
Over the Rainbow
Stars falling from the sky
Smile, You
Que Sera Sera
Creating destiny
I'm sorry, I love you
Protect the Boss
Sly and single again
Marriage not dating
Fated to love you


A witch in love
My girl
Prince Princess 2
Himitsu no Hanazono
Antique Bakery
Lunch no Joou
Princess Lulu
Stained Glass

Spring waltz
At the Dolphin Bay
Hachi-one Diver
One pound gospel

Super Rookie
Gachi Baka

Spanish )
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La vrd es que ya tengo este Journal de tiempo atrás, lo abri por que soy fan de Arashi y gracias a Yuckie-chan he tenido la oportunidad de ver videos de ellos con subs, pero creo que ya era hora de empezar a escribir algo. Me encantaría poder traducir videos y poder cooperar con las comunidades que se dedican a subtitular videos de Arashi y otros Johnnys desafortunadamente mi nivel de Japones no es lo suficientemente bueno aun, pero seguire mejorando para en un futuro poder contribuir.

Pero que poner en este Journal?? Pues com tmb soy una gran fan de los doramas japoneses especialmente, pero tmb coreanos y taiwaneses asi que decidi que mi journal trataría principalmente de eso, comentarios acerca de lo que en mi opinión son los mejores doramas resumenes de los mismo y cosas que me resulten interesantes, espero que cuando menos alguien se interese y lea lo que tengo que escribir, es dificil encontrar personas que tengan este tipo de gustos, por eso me agradan estas comunidades donde puedes encontrar gente que tenga tus mismos gustos, ya que hay mucha gente que piensa que interesarse en estas cosas es raro e inclusive se atreven a decir que no se tiene una vida por que se ven doramas, pero pienso que cada quien tiene la libertad de hacer lo que mejor le parezca y que le entretenga.

Bueno ahora un punto importante, escribiré mis entradas en Inglés ya que esto será más accesible para quien en algún momento se interese por leer alguna entrada. La vrd ya estoy un poco oxidada en él, pero tratare de que mi gramatica sea lo mas coherente posible.

I will try my best and write both in English and Spanish, please forgive me if my grammar is kind of akward.

This was really a long introduction from my part but spare me just this much.  


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