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Continuing dropped series...

Spring Waltz 

20 episodes

Maybe the reason I dropped this drama was because of the typical stereotype that I have engraved in my mind.
When you start the first episode with a young lady remembering her first love and how she is waiting so much to see him after so many years and how when they were children they were so close, and one could almost feel the love btwn them; the next thing your expecting is that we will have a love story btwn them, but NO, this drama has a really weird turn of events.

When this lady finally meets her childhood friend, he has turned so cold and does not remember her at all.
He is like "whatever!" and then they introduce another young lady who saw this man like twice when they were kids, but they now fall madly inlove!!!

For me this was something really painful to do to Song Yi Na, is like "WTF" you can not believe all this, for me  it was a really unbelievable plot so I had to dropped it. Maybe this isn't a good reason for doing it, but I couldn't bear to watch this kind of story

At the Dolphin bay

28 episodes

This is a ver long drama and also an old one. I started it hoping to find a really good drama, but it wasn't  so great it was full of drama and also weird stuff.


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The main reason I drop series is probably because I went and searched for spoilers and didn't like what i saw!!!
The other reason could be that the story was really boring or confusing and couldn't catch my attention.
This are just my personal reasons for dropping each drama.


A witch in love

16  Episodes

I started this drama because of  Jae Hee  who acted as Mong Ryong in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, but I just couldn't  finish it. First of all because Moo Ryong (Jae Hee's character name so different from Mong Ryong isn't it?) had already a girlfriend and it was a really difficult love triangle, the lead lady was very dull, and you couldn't see any love attraction btwn the leads!!
It sounded like a really good drama, but it disappointed me so much.

My girl

16 Episodes

This is a very well-recommended drama, but for me it wasn't what I expected. I'm a spoiler lover, so after watching a couple of episodes I started wondering if the main couple was going to end together, so I went and searched for spoilers and I found out they do end together, but after many sufferings and not normal drama sufferings, this were unnecessary sufferings I don't understand why the grandpa accepted only as a granddaughter but wouldn't as his grandson's wife!!! That sounds really unreasonable, and I couldn't deal with it!!!!

Princess Lulu

20 Episodes

Old drama, I don't have anything in particular against old dramas is just that well I have found in my way bad old dramas!
I think the bad thing of this drama is that the characters are all rich people so we have a rich innocent girl, a player and a rich guy younger than the lead lady.
So it's really boring seeing the rich girl being SO innocent and the player being such a PLAYER!!!


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