Apr. 16th, 2009 11:30 am
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This drama is a great combination btwn sports and romance. It is based on a manga (and old one).

The story is about baseball and highschool romance. Kunimi Hiro is a great pitcher, but he gave up baseball when he was diagnosed with a "glassy elbow" if he were to continue pitching his elbow will be paralyzed. He enters Senkawa high school, and joins their football club. There he meets Koga Haruka a girl who loves baseball, she is the manager of the "Baseball lovers circle" (a non official club). 

Kunimi's best friend is Noda Atsushi, he is a catcher, who also gave up baseball because he was diagnosed with a problem in his hips, so he decides to enter Senkawa too.

But then we have this twist, Kunimi and Noda find out that the doctor who diagnosed them is a fake, so together with Haruka they form an official baseball club. 

We also have Tachibana Hideo an old friend of Kunimi and Noda, he is a batter, who played with them he enters Meiwa Daichi High school, with his girlfriend Hikari Amamiya, who is also Kunimi's childhood friend.

Here is where the "love square" begins, Kunimi has loved Hikari since before they met Tachibana, Haruka falls in love with Kunimi and Tachibana is not giving up Hikari. We don't really know Hikari's feelings towards Kunimi but we are about to find that out.

All this happens while both teams aim for the Koshien.


Fansubbing Team: STUDIO OTO

Theme: Over... by K
great ending theme I like it so so so so much!!!


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