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Well, I have many things to say about this first of all when I saw the anime I really really like it, I loved Tsukasa and really don't care so much for Rui. Then I went and read the manga and I have to say I hated the manga ending I'm not much into those kind of finals where the main couple end up being apart. 

This was my first dorama, because I have to admit I was reluctant to watch live actions as I knew them, but then I run out of animes to watch and I decided I give it a go and why not my beloved HYD. So I went  and watch it.

I love it, loved Matsujun ( by the way this dorama also introduced me to Arashi and all the Jhonnys world) and a big surprise for me loved Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui so much that at the end I was cheering for him(kind of weird).

If you liked the manga, you'll be very happy to find out that the adaptation works really well, you get to watch all the main points. And Nishikado-san and Mimasaka-san excellent!!!!!!! subarashi!!!!

oh I forgot I promised I write a review of the dorama gomenasai.

This drama is about a poor girl named Makino Tsukushi who studies in a school for rich kids "Eitoku", there she meets a group of Ikemen named F4. Their Leader Doumyouji Tsukasa, the scatterbrain Hanazawa Rui, the playboy Nishikido Soujiro and finally the son of a gang boss Mimasaka Akira. Makino confronts Tsukasa who likes bullying students. This is the start of a war between Makino and Tsukasa, but also the start of their love story. Just to add more excitement we get a love triangle btwn Tsukasa - Makino and Rui  and also Tsukasa's mom intrigues btwn them. All this just in the first season!!!!

Some screen shots of the parts I liked


For the second season we get to see F4 in  E.U.A with Makino in the first 1hour and 30min first special episode. Tsukasa acts cold towards Makino, we don´t know why but since the episodes develop the truth is revealed.  There is a new character Shigeru, Tsukasa's fiance, so now we get a square traingle Tsukasa - Makino - Rui -Shigeru!!! but the best part of all is the final episode of the season a total new ending different from tha manga and anime so for those who have watched the anime and read the manga I think this will be a grateful surprise!!! I love it and have to say cried a little of excitement.

More screen shots

this is a drama I owe so much, it introduced me to the dorama world as well as the jhonnys world, so is a dorama I have a special place in my heart.

Ahh and don't forget we get a movie HYD final to wrap the story nicely. When I watched HYD both season where already subbed so I had no problems, but the I had to wait a year!!! for the movie it was really difficult for me the movie aired on movie theaters on June 28 but they subbed it until November!!!! I have to say I kind of link spoilers that's why I found someone who saw the movie on Japan and upload a summary of it and went and read it.

I can't write a review of the movie because I'll be spoiling the end of season 2, but just believe me when I say the best ending for this story!

SUBBING TEAM: SARS fansubs and JTV-drama subs


As I already said this drama introduced me to Arashi, they did a great job in both seasons and the movie and we had also great insert songs.

Season 1. theme song WISH bye ARASHI
                    insert song PLANETARIUM by Ai Otsuka
Season 2. theme song LOVE SO SWEET
                    insert song THE FLAVOR OF LIFE by Utada Hikaru
Movie. theme song ONE LOVE 


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