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Majo Saiban is for me one of the biggest disappointments on suspense dramas. 

This story is about a murder trial, and how strange things begin to happen to the lay judges just to make force their vote. That's pretty much the highlight of the story.
Insert Song: Keshin by Fukuyama Masaharu
Subbing team: Tomalicious


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The main reason I drop series is probably because I went and searched for spoilers and didn't like what i saw!!!
The other reason could be that the story was really boring or confusing and couldn't catch my attention.
This are just my personal reasons for dropping each drama.


A witch in love

16  Episodes

I started this drama because of  Jae Hee  who acted as Mong Ryong in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, but I just couldn't  finish it. First of all because Moo Ryong (Jae Hee's character name so different from Mong Ryong isn't it?) had already a girlfriend and it was a really difficult love triangle, the lead lady was very dull, and you couldn't see any love attraction btwn the leads!!
It sounded like a really good drama, but it disappointed me so much.

My girl

16 Episodes

This is a very well-recommended drama, but for me it wasn't what I expected. I'm a spoiler lover, so after watching a couple of episodes I started wondering if the main couple was going to end together, so I went and searched for spoilers and I found out they do end together, but after many sufferings and not normal drama sufferings, this were unnecessary sufferings I don't understand why the grandpa accepted only as a granddaughter but wouldn't as his grandson's wife!!! That sounds really unreasonable, and I couldn't deal with it!!!!

Princess Lulu

20 Episodes

Old drama, I don't have anything in particular against old dramas is just that well I have found in my way bad old dramas!
I think the bad thing of this drama is that the characters are all rich people so we have a rich innocent girl, a player and a rich guy younger than the lead lady.
So it's really boring seeing the rich girl being SO innocent and the player being such a PLAYER!!!


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I've been waiting patiently for the subbed episodes, and finally I get to watch the entire drama!!! I'm so happy.

The Quiz show 2 , well the real reason I watched it was because Sho-chan and Yoko where there!!!!! And I don't regret it at all, it was the best collabo ever!!!

When I finished The Quiz Show 2 and after hearing them mention the previous drama I decided to give it a try, so I watched The Quiz Show 1 also, it was good, but I think season 2 is way better.  

First thing first. The quiz show 2 is a suspense drama whose main characters are very mysterious; the MC, and the director(Sho and Yoko). It's about a quiz show (what a surprise!) where the contestants participate for the right to have their most important dream fulfilled. But the questions they are been asked are no common questions, they are very personal questions that will uncover a deep secret they been hiding, here is the catch they have to decide btwn exposing their secret or fulfilling their dream. 

Sakurai Sho acts as MC Kamiyama the host of the show, he is a really charismatic MC, but the thing nobody knows, except Honma the director's show is that he lost all his memories and obeys everything Honma tells him to do.

Yokoyama Yu acts as Honma the show's director he is the one that chooses the contestants for the show and elaborates the questions. He hids a dark past together with Kamiyama.

There is also the producer of the Show, Saejima, she isn't aware of the intentions of Honma and disagrees with his methods, but also cares about getting good ratings, that´s why she lets Honma do things his way.

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Atashinchi no Danshi is a drama that talks about family, is full of comedy and a little, tiny  bit of romance. Is the story of a homeless called Chisato, her father left her with a debt of 100 million yen that's why she is always running away from tha loan sharks as a homeless person. One day she meets a man who offers to pay her debt if she marries him for one month. She accepts the offer and spends one month with that man, named Shinzo until he dies. 

After Shinzo's death Chisato thinks she is free to go, but there's a catch!!! Shinzo left  a set of conditions to let Chisato free of the debt. His lawyer informs Chisato that she has to spend 3 months living in a castle with Shinzo's 6 sons (who he adopted in order to have a successor) and act as their mother. 

Chisato is reluctant at first, but then decides to fulfill the conditions, because she can't pay the money back. So this is pretty much the premise of the drama. 


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I just finished this drama, and found it really awesome. First of all because I got to see Tamaki Hiroshi (a.k.a. Chiaki-sempai from Nodame) , DAIGO and Matsuda Shota (a.k.a. Nishikado-san from HYD)

At first I didn't want to watch this drama, because I thought it will be some kind of weird drama where 4 couples will change their partners, but in some kind of twisted way, but this isn't tha case.

LOVE SHUFFLE is about finding the meaning of true love and the importance of each others existence in this world. It has many comic parts and I also liked so much the friendship btwn the 4 leading characters. I was pretty pleased with the ending and also excited about it. 

We have Usatan (Tamaki Hiroshi) who is engaged with Mei, but then one day Mei decides to cancel the engagement.
Then we have Aiai (Karina) who has a relationship with Yukichi (DAIGO) but wants to end it for good.
There's also O-chan (Matsuda Shota) who is a cameraman and has a relationship with and older woman who is married.
And finally we have a pshyquiatrist Kikurin who wants to stop his patient Kairi from committing suicide. 

The 4 leading actors found themselves trapped in an elevator and then talked about love issues, this is the beginning of their friendship and also the beginning of the Love Shuffle "game". They decide to switch partners each week and found out what their true compatibilities are. 

This leads to very interesting sets and comic situations.

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Yesterday I finished this dorama. I've been waiting until the entire episodes were subbed and finally a kind fansubbing group finished the last episode that was left unsubbed.

The first thing that made me watch this dorama was Yama-chan (Yamada Ryosuke) from Hey Say Jump! he is so cute!!! Well this hole drama is full with Hey! Say! Jump members.

Nakajima Yuto
Chinen Yuri
Arioka Daiki
and of course Yamada Ryosuke!!!

This drama is kind of different from all the school dramas out there.
Three new students enter Hakuba Junior High and try to change the teachers into good teachers. The school is about to close because of the incompetent teachers, but this three students want to change that. 

There is also this entusiastic new teacher Sugi-sensei and one student who still has faith in the teachers and in the school Kusaka-kun.  These two will also help in saving the school and changing it. 

I found this story easygoing and fun to watch. And you have the opportunity to see Hey! Say! Jump members in different outfits (cosplaying) looking really cool, specially Yama-chan. 


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