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The main reason I drop series is probably because I went and searched for spoilers and didn't like what i saw!!!
The other reason could be that the story was really boring or confusing and couldn't catch my attention.
This are just my personal reasons for dropping each drama.


A witch in love

16  Episodes

I started this drama because of  Jae Hee  who acted as Mong Ryong in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, but I just couldn't  finish it. First of all because Moo Ryong (Jae Hee's character name so different from Mong Ryong isn't it?) had already a girlfriend and it was a really difficult love triangle, the lead lady was very dull, and you couldn't see any love attraction btwn the leads!!
It sounded like a really good drama, but it disappointed me so much.

My girl

16 Episodes

This is a very well-recommended drama, but for me it wasn't what I expected. I'm a spoiler lover, so after watching a couple of episodes I started wondering if the main couple was going to end together, so I went and searched for spoilers and I found out they do end together, but after many sufferings and not normal drama sufferings, this were unnecessary sufferings I don't understand why the grandpa accepted only as a granddaughter but wouldn't as his grandson's wife!!! That sounds really unreasonable, and I couldn't deal with it!!!!

Princess Lulu

20 Episodes

Old drama, I don't have anything in particular against old dramas is just that well I have found in my way bad old dramas!
I think the bad thing of this drama is that the characters are all rich people so we have a rich innocent girl, a player and a rich guy younger than the lead lady.
So it's really boring seeing the rich girl being SO innocent and the player being such a PLAYER!!!


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